Hof van Saksen – News 2023

Hof van Saksen is one of the most innovative resorts in our collection, from its record breaking waterslides and children’s academies to its arts and sculptures and thatched farmhouse accommodation.  This stunning resort, in Drenthe, just 2 hours from Amsterdam, is constantly improving and enlarging its offer. In the last few years we have seen new activities and facilities such as the Saltato waterslide, mini golf and restaurant renovations in 2019 and more recently the Clip and Climb wall and Laser tag game in the indoor play area. In 2023 the renovations on the resort have been extensive. The unveiling of the 5th waterslide, Subito, completes the extraordinary collection of waterslides on offer at Hof van Saksen, work is underway to enlarge the indoor play area and a significant renovation programme of the accommodations is taking place.


New Waterslide

The Subito takes the crown as the largest covered bowl waterslide in the Netherlands and we can’t wait to go on it! The 120m long slide has dazzling light effects. You whizz towards the bowl at high speed and float through the blue sky before plunging into darkness. Suddenly, a starry sky adorned with 1600 twinkling starts lights up the space. You’re then sucked into a dark hole and shot through colourful rings before emerging in calmer surroundings! This slide has a minimum height restriction of 1.20m.

Subito Hof van Saksen


Accommodation Renewal

Hof van Saksen is also busy upgrading and renewing some of its accommodation types and many of these have already been renewed. This is part of a longer renewal programme and all farmhouses will be renewed by 2025.

Hof van Saksen 4CEK bedroom

Hof van Saksen 4CE kitchen

Renewed accommodations are the following: 2LW, 4CE, 4CEK, 4L, 4LW, 6CE, 6CEK, 6LW, 8L, 8LW, 10L, 12L. The décor and furnishings have been upgraded and in the case of the 4CE, these now have 2 bedrooms rather than 3. The main bedroom is now much larger than in the 4C.

Hof van Saksen 4CE bedroom


Enlargement of the Harrewar Indoor Play

The indoor play area at Hof van Saksen is already huge and has heaps of fun for all ages but there will soon be even more for the youngest visitors.

The toddler paradise will be split into 3 areas: a discovery area with soft cushions and play mats for babies up to 6 months old, a separate area with a small ball pool for crawlers up to 2 years old, and children aged 2-4 will have their own area with climbing equipment, slide and larger ball pool to explore as well as an interactive area with play tables and games.

Hof van Saksen Harrewar

Hof van Saksen Harrewar

Hof van Saksen is a fantastic resort which is suitable for all ages, from toddlers to teens, doable without a car and can be combined with any of the other resorts in our collection for a multi-centre break.

For more info about Hof van Saksen, or to book please see below or drop us a line:


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