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We understand that the interests of each child are different and that whilst one day they might want to be a pirate the next they’ve decided they’d rather be an anthropologist. Another may be a budding princess and then suddenly want to become a train driver. With this in mind (and the ever changing interests of our little ones) we have scoured both Holland and Belgium to find all places of interest for all tastes. So worry not! We’ve got it covered! To make it easier to find the perfect fit for your family we have organised the attractions into 4 categories. So what are you waiting for? Get exploring!

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Childhood Characters

Some very famous childhood characters and comic book heroes were born in Holland and Belgium and children worldwide have grown up reading about the Smurfs and the adventures of Tintin and of course Miffy the Rabbit and her friends!

Both countries are bubbling over with references to these characters and you can see statues and sculptures of them all around. In Brussels and Antwerp many of the cities’ walls are decorated with murals of these characters. Miffy even has her own city square and museum in Utrecht where some of the traffic lights are also Miffy themed! And you are never far from a Miffy shop in Holland!

Less well known outside of Belgium (or not known at all until you get there!) are the many Plopsa characters which have taken over most toy shops and children’s books and television programmes in Belgium and in Holland! There is no better place to see Bumba the Clown, Maya the Bee and their friends, than at the Plopsaland toddler friendly theme parks in Belgium! You can bet you’ll be coming home with a fluffy version of one of these characters!

Childhood Characters Themed Attractions

Toddler Fun and Action

There are so many fun places to visit with little ones so this category includes all toddler friendly theme parks, zoos, aquariums, play parks and water parks! There are so many fun places to visit where your toddlers can let off steam and enjoy many of the theme parks which have attractions suitable for the littlest explorers! See how the mood takes you and let us recommend some lovely toddler friendly days out!

Toddler Fun & Action Attractions


There is definitely something enchanting and magical about these countries. Steeped in medieval history many of the cities have fairytale castles and houses that look like advent calendars. Beyond the cities lie many magical forests as well as places to visit which are themed on tales from times gone by. Probably the most famous fairytale attraction is the Efteling theme park. With a fairytale forest and Sleeping Beauty’s Castle it is a world of fantasy and wonder for small children. Dive into this magical world with Little Clogs and let the imaginations run wild.

Fairytale Attractions

Exploration and Discovery

These countries are rich in child friendly museums and many are geared towards toddlers. There is a big emphasis on learning and education in Holland and Belgium and as such a lot of museums are free for children. From the Train Museum to the Miffy Museum to the Comic Strip Museum and Mini Europe your little ones can play and learn and discover to their hearts content. Outdoor recreational parks and interactive learning centres also provide a perfect framework for exploring and discovering the history, culture and geography of these countries in such a way which captivates the youngest of children.

Exploration & Discovery Attractions

Using local knowledge to bring you the best baby and toddler accommodation, attractions and toddler friendly activities.

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