Review: Beekse Bergen, Our Dutch Safari Adventure

The Cooper family left us this review of their May half term holiday to Beekse Bergen. They stayed in a Savannah Lodge on the Safari Resort with direct views of the African animals. They contacted us back in 2023 with a dream to go on a safari holiday and Beekse Bergen seemed to be the perfect fit! They even managed to keep it a secret from the kids! They said:

“I am so glad Little Clogs popped up on my Facebook feed as we had such a lovely week at Beekse Bergen. The drive from the tunnel was so easy, we managed to catch an earlier train and we stopped off in Bruges which was beautiful before heading on to Beekse.

I think the kids were a little unsure about what we were going to but as we found our lodge there were rhino’s and zebras walking past and they were all amazed. The accommodation was beautiful and whilst the kitchen was basic, we used it every day to cook in, we have some dietary needs in our family and it was easier to do this – easily finding the food we needed in the local supermarkets at Hilvarenbeek. I loved the touch of the ranger hats that were waiting for them in the lodge. We even used the sauna one evening which was hot!

Copper family at Beekse Bergen

We had planned to pop to Amsterdam for a day but you were so right – there just wasn’t time to do everything. We went Monday to Friday and there is so much to do we didn’t feel the need to go anywhere else. We used the pool everyday both at the safari resort and at the lake resort and the children loved the flumes and slides. We walked around the safari park several times, did the boat safari, did the driving safari on a wettish morning and had an afternoon at speelland which was very quiet. Overall, the children walked 22km over the three days and didn’t complain at all!

I was so impressed with how clean all the areas were and child friendly it was – I loved how throughout the safari park there were balance beams, stepping logs and play structures dotted around – it definitely helped encourage the children to keep walking. We saw so many baby animals including elephants, cheetahs and the new okapi (on the screen) which we loved.

Since coming home, I have been telling everyone how amazing it was and encouraging them to go. Our 5 year old loved telling his class all about his safari adventure. Overall, we found it amazing value for money especially when you compare it to similar settings in the UK. I would love to go again but am also keen to explore some more resorts you have on your website so will definitely be in touch again for more information.”

For more info about Beekse Bergen, or to book please see link below or drop us a line:


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