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We’re always being asked about how our business works and what “being an affiliate” means. We’ve spoken a lot about the “whys” of our business, about our backgrounds and all of the reasons why Holland and Belgium are such great (and often unknown) destinations to visit on holiday with babies and toddlers. We haven’t really spoken as much about the “hows” of our business.

People sometimes think that it might cost more if they book through us and are interested in how it all works. So we’ve written this little blog to explain our business model and to hopefully dispel any myths!


What is our business model?

Little Clogs Holidays works on the basis of affiliate marketing. We know our product inside out and have experienced the holidays we recommend personally ourselves. We have been to most of the places on our site and if we haven’t then our friends or families usually have. In addition to adding affiliate links we create a lot of unique content in the form of holiday destination write-ups and blogs.


How does affiliate marketing work?

We have selected partners; accommodation providers and attractions, who we feature and promote on our site. We had to apply to join their affiliate programmes and as they liked the look of our website and our target audience matched theirs, we were accepted.

We then set up links and create unique content to market these places on our website and via social media. Then, when people click through our site to book, we are paid a small commission by the accommodation provider or attraction. All of our income comes this way.

This model works well for us as we are both busy mums and this allows us to manage our time more effectively.

We both had fairly limited digital skills before we launched Little Clogs so it’s been a real learning curve, which we love.


Does it cost more to book through our site?

No! We make all our income from the commissions paid to us when we refer people who then book through our site. As you land on the accommodation provider’s website and ultimately make your booking with them you pay exactly the same price as booking direct.


So why go through us ?

We have local knowledge of the destinations and can give you a little extra advice and some bespoke recommendations based on our own experience which you might not get by booking direct. We enjoy spending time responding to enquiries and putting together prices and different holiday options for each individual family. We can also make you aware of any special offers.

We hope that by giving you new ideas, inspiration and recommendations based on our own experience and knowledge that we will have excited you enough to continue to book through our links.

By going through us it also helps support our paid marketing campaigns and ultimately helps us build our brand. We hope when we get bigger that some of our partners may agree to give us exclusive discounts to pass onto our customers for booking through us.

So, in the meantime we are really grateful for your support and please feel free to get in touch for any recommendations!


Laura and Jane


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