Inside Little Clogs’ Year in 2020

We don’t think anything could have prepared any of us for what 2020 would behold. As we reflect on the year for Little Clogs, there are both ups and downs, positives and negatives.

Award Winner

The beginning of 2020 held so much promise for us, as we welcomed record sales, growth and a coveted small business award from ex Dragon’s Den star Theo Paphitis, 2020 was set to be an exciting third year for our business and we planned for what promised to be a game changing year ahead.

Empty Airport

As you might expect, along with the rest of the travel industry, once March arrived along with lockdowns, travel restrictions and quarantines, holidays ground to a halt, as did our sales and enquiries. As disappointing as this has been, we remain motivated, enthusiastic about our product and raring to go once we can all resume some normality in our lives.

Stay Home

Of course, we can complain about the disappointing year we have had but our focus at present is to prioritise our health, that of our families and to promote safe travel, only once it is advised.

Home Schooling

Have any of you felt that your world has become awash with words that were seemingly insignificant before this year? For example, the days of saying ‘zoom’ as part of imaginary play with our kids have long gone. These days it evokes moments of mad panic dashing between multiple electrical devices while we negotiate waiting rooms, mutes and online lessons. Just the occasional social zoom with distant friends breaks the mould. Then there’s ‘tiers’, what’s that all about? Just a few months ago, a tier 3 would create magnificent images of delicious towering cakes, but oh no, now it’s a whole different reality! Then there’s the social distancing! Surely we can’t be the only ones who have taken a sudden step away from our own family members before realising we’re actually allowed to be next to them.

Ok, this is all a little tongue in cheek and it’s ok to have a joke, but we realise that there are families who have suffered great losses this year and continue to live through extremely difficult circumstances. We just hope that the new year brings better times for all.

Child on Swing

This reality also makes us acutely aware of the many blessings we have had this year. For two working Mummies we have also been extremely grateful for the extra time we have been able to have with our small children. It may have been mixed with home schooling (not always an easy experience), but nonetheless we realise that it is a pleasure to have more time with our growing families.

Aeroplane and Globe

We have missed travel enormously, especially as we are dual nationality families, so not being able to visit Belgium and the UK has been hard for us, like many other families. It has helped us appreciate our loved ones all the more and we cannot wait to spend time hopefully catching up in 2021. It’s not until we had begun to experience such restrictions that we realised how important social interactions are to us, who we cherish and how much we marvel at new places and nourish ourselves through discovering them.


We would like to take a moment to say thank you for the many warm and supportive messages we have received from our Little Clogs community. You will be glad to know that behind the scenes we have been burrowing away, adding new resorts to our site, of which there are more on the way and hopefully we’ve kept you smiling with the occasional inspiring post and blogs, ready for the day when we can begin to make plans again. We have every reason to feel optimistic now that we have an approved vaccine.

We are hopeful for what 2021 brings and we sincerely hope that for you all it brings happiness, health and with a bit of luck, some travel.

Laura and Jane x

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