Efteling’s Top 5 Attractions for Under 5’s

It’s no secret that we think Efteling is a fabulous, magical theme park with attractions for all ages and tastes. What’s even more exciting is that many of their biggest rides are suitable for the whole family. We are often asked if there is enough for younger children. With that in mind we think you’ll be amazed at how much there is to do, even for the youngest of visitors. 

As hard as it was to pick, we’ve chosen our top 5 rides for under 5’s for you to check out.

Toddler and Train Efteling

Children and Train

Steam train

What child/adult doesn’t love a good old steam train! The train stops in two locations within the theme park, so it’s a great way to get from one side to the other when those little feet start to tire. It is also a wonderful way to see the beauty of the entire theme park, its rides and lush surroundings.

Droomvlucht Efteling

Droomvlucht Efteling


Be transported into a dream world as you travel through floating planets, twinkling stars and a magical land full of fairies. The sounds and smells of this ride are all part of the experience. This is a wonderful ride for all the family.

Symbolica Music


You can’t miss the stunning Symbolica castle as you walk down the main path into Efteling. Young children will be delighted as they watch the staircase in the castle unexpectedly part to allow you to enter the ride. You can choose between three different interactive themes that will transport you around the castle, finally ending in the grand hall where a lavish feast and ball is taking place. You know you’re going to have to visit at least three times to try each different route! Little hands will love pressing all the buttons on your special interactive screen as you glide through your Symbolica adventure.

Emperor's New Clothes Efteling

Fairytale Forest

A firm favourite which is perfect for younger family members is the fairytale forest, featuring many of the well known characters from bedtime stories. You can visit Sleeping Beauty’s castle, see Red Riding Hood on her way into grandma’s house, or smell the sweet food at the entrance to the Witch’s house from Hansel and Gretel. Based on many of the characters and tales from the Brothers Grimm, the fairytale forest is a place to meander and take in the sights and smells at your own pace. Not forgetting the fabulous talking tree which moves as it tells stories to those passing by. 

Carnival Festival

A musical and visual experience that takes you on a journey around the world. The characters Jokie and Jet can be spotted in bright colourful clothing and settings as they dance and move. This is a slowly paced ride that allows you to look at the details of each scene, spotting countries and characters that are familiar.

Boat Toddler

It’s also worth knowing that Efteling has a children’s website and App that is a great to experience/prepare for some of the rides before you visit. You can learn some of the tales that you will come across in the fairytale forest and there’s plenty of interactive games too. In our opinion, this App is the perfect way to prepare young visitors in advance of your magical adventure.

Having visited multiple times as our children have grown, we’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have about Efteling. We feature a wide range of accommodation on and around Efteling and are happy to help you organise your next visit. 

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