Dutch lesson #1 – snacks


Meet Bas! Bas is bilingual and lives in Amsterdam. Bas’s blog will be a regular feature here at Little Clogs Holidays. He will be providing short snippets of Dutch life through a child’s eyes. This is his first tutorial: learn about some Dutch snacks!

Bas teaches us about Chocomel, the delicious chocolate milk drink that can be enjoyed warm or cold, as well as the famous mini pancakes called poffertjes which are enjoyed best with a bit of butter and a sprinkle of sugar powder. Not to be forgotten are the Dutch “dropjes” (must be pronounced with a rolled r!). Dropjes come in all different shapes and sizes and are the liquorice sweets the Dutch can’t get enough of. They come in all different liquorice flavours too, from sweet to salty. A recent report stated that each Dutch person eats 2kg of dropjes a year!


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