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Explore Europe in a day!

Imagine being able to walk around the whole of Europe in a couple of hours! Mini Europe is a really popular outdoor attraction in Brussels and is a great place to visit with both toddlers and older children. It’s located next to the famous Atomium landmark and you can get there by tram from the Brussels centre.

Set in beautiful green and floral gardens Mini Europe is a collection of miniature models of all the famous European landmarks and buildings such as the Eiffel Tower, the leaning tower of Pisa and Big Ben. Miniature but still bigger than children, and grown ups! There really is a lot of attention to detail in every country and continent and there are even figurines of tiny people outside the buildings. As is to be expected in Brussels there is also a big dose of humour injected too and miniature demonstrations can sometimes be seen, for example if you visited last summer you will have seen the figurines protesting about Brexit! This is a fun park which is educational at the same time. If you have a toddler who likes pressing lots of buttons then they’ll be very happy here! The models are interactive and so at the push of a button you can cause a volcano to erupt! Or make the Berlin Wall collapse! National anthems for each country can also be heard by pressing a button!

This is a place where all the senses are stimulated! From hearing the sirens roar to seeing Big Ben strike to touching the trucks, train and boats this is somewhere where your little ones can get really excited! And learn a thing or two as well. Your toddlers can watch the boats come out of the harbour at Barcelona and the cable cars go up to Montmartre in Paris, as well as the windmills turning in Holland. Whilst a lot of the quizzes and interactive games are aimed at school age children it is still a really good first geography and history lesson for little ones as they can learn about each European country and see how they are all so different!

While strolling round you also learn about why some European countries are called the names they are, why London buses are red, why Venetian gondolas are black… A lot of “why” questions can be answered here! You can bet by the end of the day your little ones have decided they want to go to all the countries, so you better start planning your next holiday!

Pick a warm spring or summer day and jump on the metro to the Atomium metro stop and be prepared to lose yourselves in a real, but imaginary world for a few hours!

  • Category: Historical Cities
  • Country: Belgium
  • City: Brussels
  • Theme: Exploration and Discovery


Over 350 miniature models
Education and fun!
Outside attraction in beautiful gardens


Located in Brussels by the famous Atomium landmark

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